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Information about the optimal use of our webshop

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Availability information

In stock                            =              Product available
On short call                   =              delivery approximately 3-5 days after payment has received
Broker                              =              Not in stock – delivery time and minimum order on request (see separate broker terms and conditions)

Additional information on wine designations:

"limited" or "only in combination"  =  Due to certain allocation of quantities of wineries, we are also
                                                                 encouraged to offer limited wines in combination .
                                                                 (However, you will always receive our offer in advance)
"PWB"                                                =   Wines from perfect private cellars
  • It is possible that one wine is mentioned multible times in our shop. We have a comprehensive wine database and the wines come from different sources or may vary in prices due to possible different bottle states. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Intermediate sale expressly reserved
  • The terms and conditions of IWB-Hubert Fohringer GmbH in its current version always apply.

Explanation of the order process

  • Your orders will be sent to us as an order request.
  • On your order request you will immediately receive our "personal order confirmation" - after checking the effective availability of the ordered quantity.
  • In this order confirmation, the shipping costs, delivery times and possibly incurred maintenance costs are mentioned.
  • The shipping costs can also be viewed at any time in the "Shipping & Costs" tab
  • You will be asked to pay only upon receipt of the "personal order confirmation". (after checking the availability)
  • The prior sale and any text and price errors are expressly reserved!

Our Prices

  • 3% discount on our list prices for carton-wise purchases(12 bottles under €12,- / 6 bottles over €12,-)
  • 5% regular customer discount on our list prices from an annual order value of €1000,- 
  • 2% cash and carry discount - we grant in case of self-collection 
  • Please note for orders outside of Austria our minimum order value of € 200, - (Otherwise € 20, - processing fee)

Other discounts exclude:
  • *** Labelled items, limited wines, rarities and wines to be concerned (Broker)
  • Promotional wines and newsletter offers
* incl. tax, plus shipping