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Separate terms and conditions for "Fohringer wine broker"

In addition to the terms and conditions of the IWB Hubert Fohringer GmbH apply to the purchase of wines from the "Fohringer wine broker" the following terms and conditions:
  1. The wines on the mediation are always separated by "broker".
  2. These products are not in stock at time of order or not yet in stock.
  3. In order to send you a perfect offer- let us know the desired volume and the desired time of delivery – this is of great importance. You will receive our best quotation with all the important information (price - delivery time - provision costs)
  4. Minimum order quantities - wines under € 50, - are only in units of 12 - wines to € 100, - are only in units of 6 - single bottles on request only
  5. When placing the order - you will receive an invoice - payment within 7 days - but the delivery is then up to the agreed delivery
  6. The return of the wine is not possible.
* incl. tax, plus shipping