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the wine store in the heart of the Wachau has been a fixture of fine wines for 25 years.

Here you will find the price lists from our wide range of wine types, wine regions, bottle sizes, wine accessories, and much more!


   Assortment price lists   

updates every 2 weeks - intersales expressly reserved

   >>> TOTAL price list - our full assortment with list prices
   >>> Distillates price list - Fruit distillates - Rum - Grappa - Cognac - Whiskey - and more
   >>> Rarities price list - mature wines from all winegrowing regions of the world
   >>> Large bottles price list - large formats from the Magnum to the 18 liter bottle
   >>> Small bottles price list - all available half bottles
   >>> Natural wines - the slightly different wines "orange - mash fermented - organic"

   >>> Season offer Denkart/Zalto wine glasses - Special prices for the certainly best glass series

   Special accessories    

    >>> Accessories Catalog - Price List (20MB) - noble packaging, helpful wine accessories - take a look!
    >>> The Durand cork screwer - A "must-have" for every wine lover of matured wines!
    >>> Riedel decanter - elegant to extravagant decanters 

Denkart-Zalto wine glasses

    ... perhaps the most elegant glass series in the world

          >>> Denkart-Zalto price list
          >>> Folder


    ... handmade crystal glass lights in a classic timeless design

        >>> Firelight price list
        >>> Hints and tips for first use

► You get 5% discount on many of our wines
► and preferred allocation of limited and rare wines
► from an annual turnover of € 1,000

Terms & Conditions

         >>> Shipping and costs
         >>> Terms and conditions
         >>> Special terms and conditions for „FOHRINGER WINE BROKER“

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